6570 Resource Collection

The Tools You Need To Build A Strong Foundation of Worth, Esteem and Confidence For Your Daughter and With Your Daughter!

Raising young women today is not an easy task.  The emotional, mental and logistical demands can take your breath away and there are so many "cooks in the kitchen" with 24/7 access and influences, individuals and culture knocking at the door constantly. 

So, how can you get a handle on things and partner with your daughter to build this necessary foundation of Worth, Esteem and Confidence in her first 6570 days?  These resources are a great start!


Behavioral Contract

Work together to create positive pathways to self discipline.

Get everyone on the same page and let expectations, action steps, understanding and consistency be the best friends you and your whole family can trust in!

Her 5 Biggest Needs Right Now... and how to help her fill them!

Take the first steps in helping your daughter establish her true self-worth! 

Worth is a great idea that every parent wants to equip their child with, but when it comes to putting action to this goal things can become hazy, confusing and unknown.  This will bring you clarity and help her self-worth become a reality!

20 Conversation Starters to Build Connection with Your Daughter!

Sometimes it is just hard to know where to begin or to remember to even begin at all because the world we live in is so busy.

These 20 conversation starters are written to give you a launch pad into discovering your daughter today and building communication pathways and connection with her!

Discipline Hacker Guide

Discipline is one of the easiest things to do and one of the hardest things to get right as a parent.

Stopping to ask ourselves where we are doing and make sure the consequences align with the desired outcome is not always the "in the moment" thinking.  This guide will show you how!

50 Things Your Daughter Needs To Know Before She Leaves Home!

Sometimes it is the simplest of things that get forgotten and you are left wondering, "Did we really not go over that?".  

No worries I have your back with this detailed list of 50 skills and tips you want to make sure she is equipped with before she leaves home!


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