Why Scripture Works No Matter Where She Is In Her Faith Journey!

Feb 19, 2024

Can you think of one thing that can give everyone what they need?  Maybe the Mary Poppins Bag or the Wizard of Oz’s bag with the heart, slippers and oil can in them?  The genie or the fairy godmother?  These are all fiction, but believe it or not there is one REAL source you can go to in life and in raising your daughters and sons that gives you what you need and that is scripture.  I know…  I didn’t believe it for over 30 years, but it is true.


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Use Her Strengths To Address Her Struggles

Feb 10, 2024

I was working with one of my daughters the other day in chemistry.  I actually have two daughters in chemistry right now and one is loving it and the other loathes it.  


“It’s too much info!”

“I don’t understand!”


Listen, not every subject is going to be easy for your child.  It would be weird if they all were!  That is like a pro basketball player also being a pro baseball, pro golfer and pro quilter!  Our brains...

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Are You Launching or Releasing Her?

Feb 09, 2024

I have two rambunctious, brown, adorable rescue dogs that are probably not working with a full deck if you know what I mean.  


One day one of our precious daughters left the gate open in the backyard, even though we had repeatedly said to check the latch when it closes on SEVERAL occasions [it’s ok, deep breaths].  

Well, when my dogs see an opening they go for it with everything they have and start an adventure or maybe just a curiosity mission.  Either...

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What Is Unfailing Love?

Feb 08, 2024

The other day during a women’s book study I was prompted with a question…


“What is unfailing love to you?”


I grabbed by journal and just let the words pour out of my heart and mind and onto the page…

“Unfailing love, for me, is the patient love of the Father who was there for me, guided me, didn’t walk away (even when I didn’t follow him right away), but waited patiently until I clearly saw through the haze of the world and my...

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From ABC's to Diplomas

Feb 18, 2021

Two questions...

1. Do you leave everything in your child’s future up to the OTHER people in their life? (ie. the 2nd grade teacher, soccer coaches, friends, friends parents, high school geometry teachers etc.)

2. Are you merely there for the food, water and shelter requirements of parenting?

My guess is that the answer to both of these is ...No!


Because they are your kids and if you are reading this you have a heart to be there for them and with them.  You want to love the...

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You're Grounded... Again!

Feb 14, 2021

Well, the video quality leaves something to be desired (working on fixing it for the future friends) but the content is PRICELESS so be sure to listen and take notes!

Grounding, talks, yelling, spanking, talking, time-out, grounding.... blah blah blah...

Does it just keep happening?

This is a super common rut of repetition among families.  You are not alone.  

The question is WHY do the same infractions keep happening again and again with the same result?  That is...

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A Real Conversation About Parenting Fatigue

Feb 02, 2021
Fatigue is real and parenting fatigue is FOR REAL and it’s ok!
This video shows the top 10 reasons parents slip into fatigue
Which one do you resonate with most?
The Fatigue Pathway:
Source for fatigue
Fatigue Manifests in Life 
Take action steps to find your way back! 
Once we can identify what is making us so fatigued it is much easier to develop a strategy to combat future fatigue.
But, if you do find yourself in fatigue here are some...
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Their Opinion Should Matter, but Not Too Much!

Jan 28, 2021
When it comes to opinions our kids are FULL of them, right!?
It is important that they know their opinions matter, their thoughts count and their ideas are worthy... but not so much that they think they are the center of the world.
(Watch the 15 minute full teaching above for all the goods or read the short version if you are next to a sleeping person.ūüėī)
Worth. It always comes down to worth.
I am guessing you, like me, want to build worth into your...
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Taking Patience OUT of the Equation!

Dec 20, 2020

We have all been there, right?

Time and time again it has been proven that if we rely on patience it will 9 times out of 10 fail us.  As a species it is just not one of our strong suits and, let's be honest, the world today plays into our lack of this attribute even more.

So, let's just kick this unpredictable friend out of the equation when if comes to schooling at home, shall we?  

I want to note that we have a lifetime to work on patience and we always should be, but we have...

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Find the Precious Diamonds in Your Day!

Dec 12, 2020

Let's be real.  Homeschooling is not always easy.  In fact, it rarely is what I would call "easy".  

But, there are these moments that make it all worth it now and so many more that come in the non-school moments.  

If I look into every day I can usually find several grateful moments.  Some are obvious like this one above while some others are a could be perfect moment, even if it is covered in potent slime.  But, there was something! 

These girls...

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