40 Scriptures & Conversation To Have When Raising Daughters!

The greatest gift you can give your daughter is a firm foundation of Worth, Esteem and Confidence.

Everything in her life, from experiences to personal obstacles and even other people, will challenge one, or all, of these aspects of her foundation in some way.

Listen, let's be real, "a" foundation in childhood IS going to be built no matter what!  That is part of the adolescent process, but how strong will it be?  How can more growth happen from it? Will it hold her up and guide her when times are hard, confusing or overwhelming?

How strong is it right now?  Could it be stronger?  YES! Of course!

Like any foundation, it is only as strong as the bedrock on which it stands and one of the strongest elements this essential foundation rests on is in her faith.

The Bible is arguably the wisest book ever written page for page.  So much so that even before I was a Christian I would find myself referring to it's parables and psalms, proverbs and teachings to guide a decision, situation and struggle, just because it was wise council!

Now, 13 years into our walk with Christ as a family, these same parables, psalms, proverbs and teachings still show me wisdom and guidance in life's gauntlets and givings, but they come alive in a whole new way every time I read them. 

In this scriptural journal you will find 40 scriptures, explanations and conversation platforms that make way for connection, discovery and growth between you and your daughter and each one is specifically hand picked to develop these three major platforms in her foundation.


With this scripture journal study you can:

- use it in a small group setting with parents and daughters, moms and daughters, dads and daughters, parents, grandparents, teams, clubs etc.

- use it as a journaling activity between parents and daughters to pass back and forth.

- use it as a teaching tool and launch point for your family time.

- use it as a weekly one on one discussion launch point.

- be creative and see what suits you and your daughter best in this season.

No matter how you use these 40 scriptures and conversation platforms they will open her heart and mind and fortify the ground on which this foundation can be built true and strong.

Raising daughters in a world that feels like it is constantly chasing after her is hard.  I am raising 4 of my own and I see it and feel it daily, but there are ways we can lead and love them that set them up for their best success!  

In this study the scripture will come to life as your daughter's own understanding is unfolded with new born clarity.   

You are loving and leading her to a place where she loves and leads herself in these years and in these verses you will find the seeds of lessons you and she can grow on over and over again through these years and beyond.


This is perfect for any daughter or parent, grandparent, family member, leader, coach or friend that is a part of raising young women today!

Building her




is the best gift you can ever give her!

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