Her Tomorrow is Being Built Today!

Take the Lead™ is an integrative family program for parents raising daughters today aged 8-17years old (or on the way).  

This program delivers the 4 essential keystone tools needed to build the foundation of WORTHESTEEM and CONFIDENCE in your daughter, for your daughter and with your daughter. 

This is all done from the vantage point of the 4 major impact areas that shape her life right now, her body (biology), her mind (psychology), her faith and culture 

Take The Lead™ is the instruction manual you have been waiting to create for your unique parenting and family experience!

This is a Christian based program, but it is not a requirement that you be a Christian to enter the program.
You have access to the classroom for life, so you can revisit in new seasons of parenting, learn more in the ever-growing vault of specific topics and application areas like school, sports, dating, sibling relationships, parenting on the same page and many, many more. 

The classroom, coaching and community are all here so you can take the lead in guiding her through the life gauntlet of her first 6570 days and embolden her to take the lead of her OWN life before she leaves home for all the days to come.  

Take The Lead will show you the way for your unique daughter! 

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Physical, emotional, mental, environmental, social and perspectives change as she prepares to go off into the world and create her life and there is no greater time of foundation building, and no greater call for parent leadership, than these tween and teen years. 

This foundation is built so she can leave childhood equipped with the worth, esteem and confidence she needs to go out there and affect the world in only the way she can and live a life of joy and purpose while building quality relationships... including yours.

Nobody gives you a manual for parenthood, because there is no one-size-fits all approach. 

That's why we help you develop a specific approach that is custom-made to your daughter and her needs. 

You already know your child better than anyone else and now you'll be THE expert in guiding her, even if you think you can't be because you don't have your own foundations established.  That is OK!  This is a journey for all of you.

Remove the power struggles, strengthen your connection, learn to communicate in a way that you actually understand one another and guide her in the obstacle course of the tween and teen years with clarity in a way that she learns how to steer herself even when you are not there.

This work is at a vital crossroads 
Your daughter's life and childhood journey can not be truly guided and grown without addressing all 4 of these essential influences in her life.  Every one of these areas speaks into every other in an inseparable web.
How does understanding faith, science and culture all come together to create positive change for your daughter?
Biology examines what is happening inside the functionality of her body and brain and how that attributes to what she is experiencing and what to do about it.
Faith examines wisdom, grace, purpose, worthiness, sacrifice, being a part of something bigger, belief, understanding and personal relationship.
Psychology examines the thoughts, feelings, behaviors of self and others and guides the ability and pathway to decision making.
Culture is an immersive experience they have every day. But, here, we examine how to see culture, learn from it and not just be a part of the blind herd that can lead to dangerous outcomes.
I can't wait to show you as we partner together and unlock the frameworks inside of Take The Lead™  .
Have you heard, "The days are long and the years are short"?

The biggest window of impact and influence you have with your child does not last forever.  

In fact, it is only 6570 days and by the time you come to the tween and teen years, many of those days are in the rearview mirror, which is why it is so important to be even more intentional in this second half of childhood... because everything in her adult life will be based on top of her experiences and what she is learning right now (as great or scary as that sounds).

That does not mean we seek perfection!  In fact, we face the idea of perfection and say "no" and learn how to use failure, hard days, mishaps and misunderstandings as stepping stones to now and future success!  The good and the hard... it is all used.


Take the Lead™ is a unique, one of a kind, experience designed to help you KNOW how to respond to any situation that comes and know how to: 

 Help her grow in mental wellness from internal thought processes and reactions to the outside world, self calming and coping techniques, decision skills and so much more.

→ Discipline in a way that teaches her how to discipline herself; leading her to grow in all areas of wisdom.

→ Communicate with your child in a way that you can actually understand one another and grow trust that can withstand the hard times and sometimes jolting truths of the tween and teen years. 

→ Strengthen the bond with your daughter (that doesn't go away as they age).

→ Develop her confidence in a way that she feels comfortable in (and even thrives in) the world around her with a solid understanding of who she is and what she wants.

→ Help her develop her own faith instead of riding the coattails of yours and then being lost when she is out in the world.

→ Encourage her to respect herself and the world around her.


These first 18 years will inevitably impact the rest of her life and yours.  There is not an ounce of doubt in that.

With the TAKE THE LEAD™ Program you will be equipped with the ability to customize your parenting style in real-time based on the needs of your daughter and feel confident as a parent as she heads into the world.  

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Nellie's program gave me the tools, systems and structure, for myself and my daughters, to help bring some peace into my home and calm down some of the chaos. Nellie is passionate about what she does, her delivery is engaging and the support PDF’s that goes along the program are extremely helpful.


Do you ever think...

• My daughter is just NOT listening to me!

• I don't want to just yell at her all day... including yelling at her for yelling!

• I know she is so much more capable than this, but I don't know what is holding her back.

• How can I help her when I don't even feel like I have a rock solid foundation of my own?

• How can I help her see how to respect herself and see her impact on others around her?

• How do I help her feel confident in any situation

• I want connection with her, not just being in the same room.

• How do I break through these walls and stop her from thinking I am always picking a fight?

• I want to help her find the path forward, but I have no idea where to start.

• Am I doing the right thing?

• How can I help her make the right decisions even when I am not there?

• Adolescence scares me and I don't know how to help her.  What do I do?

• Does she have faith of her own, or is she just going through the motions?

This program is made for you!


 Time will pass by no matter what. 

Why not use it to help her grow into an amazing young women that is actually ready for the world?

What if you didn't have to walk on egg shells around attitudes and "teenage angst" anymore?

What if your daughter started to discipline herself instead of you having to play bad cop all of the time when all you want to do is hug her?

What if you could go to bed at night logging the awesome moments instead of the moments you would have changed?

What if you could talk to your daughter in a way she completely understood you and they knew you were really there for her?

What if you didn't have to worry constantly about her mental state because you knew she was confident and backed in grounded self-esteem... and you could take a long awaited deep breath.

What if, at the end of her childhood, you had no regrets and you were just excited for the world to be able to really meet this amazing human you helped raise AND you knew she was ready for it because she had the tools embedded in her already?

How would you Feel?


I have learned so much from Nellie.  My family is better for having worked with her.

-Laura N.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Still not sure?

When trying to make a decision, one of the most powerful questions I often ask is "why not?".

This typically gets to the root of an issue quicker, so I suggest you go down this list of things that are a part of the TTL experience and ask yourself, "why wouldn't I want this?"

• The vision to see how today is shaping tomorrow and even how your yesterday has shaped your parenting. 

• How to shape core beliefs and values, mindsets and impacts. 

• How to use the natural body, brain and mind cycles to your benefit and work with the current instead of fighting against it. 

• A look at her anxiety, perspectives and her developing brain to give you understanding and clarity like never before. 

• Learning the art of discipline, conflict resolution, consequences and boundaries and their empowering affects on her own self-leadership. 

• Communication techniques that finally help you both understand one another and bring an end to power struggles and attitude wars. 

• Tools that will be helpful next week and 30 years from now as they are embedded in their foundation of her worth, esteem and confidence! 

• Resources, outside experts, exercises, specific topics related to raising teen girls like hormones, dating, connection with siblings and parents, finances, dating, faith development, wellness and more! 

• Community and personalized guidance along the journey for the lifetime of your 6570 and beyond. 

Take the Lead™ is a parenting, family and youth leadership program all in one, because the best way to create a stronger future for her is the work that happens in your living room today. 

Come see what happens when intention, true positive discipline, vulnerability, vision and resilience come together to write her 6570 story! 

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Hello! My name is Nellie. I am a wife, mom to FOUR growing teenage daughters, a Christian, a speaker, an author and a Family Life & Leadership Coach!  

And you know what?  I LOVE being a mom (even through the super hard and sticky stuff because there will always be that) and, bonus, they still like me too... most of the time! But, me chasing my worth through their approval is not what they need to build their own worth, is it?

It isn't easy. 

BUT, it is worth it to see the breakthroughs, the smiles, the laughter and the growth into who they are becoming.

We thought childhood was hard when we were kids, right?  Well.. now it is tougher and more confusing than ever.  

Can you imagine what it would have been like to walk into "adulthood" with a strong sense of confidence, deep wisdom, faith and respect for yourself and those around you?  The world is only more mentally and emotionally complicated now.

This work is a Game Changer.

I can't wait to get to know you and pass on this material that will be GOLD in your parenting journey and helping her get up and face the world from the inside out.  It is the best gift you could ever give her. 

Are you curious what this could mean for your daughter?

I'd love to invite you to explore the possibilities. Just click below to see if this is perfect fit for you.