I truly believe that a family filled with creativity, fun, laughter, challenge, adventure, problem-solving, hugs, good food, sound discipline and learning can not only change a person’s life, but can change the world.

I also know, as a parent myself, that we have a limited time to get this accomplished and an arsenal of distractions and obstacles all around today.

This is why I focus on the ONE THING, the one process, that will help every parent set their daughter up to leave childhood equipped with the confidence, respect and wisdom every young woman needs today!

... and the best part?  We leave the anxiety and power struggles behind! (yes, it's possible!)

I am a family life and leadership coach helping parents lead their daughters through the good, great, hard and sticky parts of childhood to the greatest and strongest beginning of their adulthood.

The tween and teen years are awkward and sometimes an uneasy balance of building them and releasing them at the same time and every child is unique and different, which means parenting them will be too. 

If you are like most parents, you may have played with questions like these before...

• How can I connect and grow in joy with my daughter again?

• How can I speak in a way that they don't take everything as an invitation for an argument?

• How can I know that they can face an obstacle, not crumble, but find a solution to get to the other side?

• How can I know they are equipped to face the practical "street smarts" world out there?

• How can I know they will be a respectful and respected human in the world?

• How can I know they will be strong in character and confidence and not fall into the traps of acceptance anywhere they can find it?

• How do I know my child won't be alone and they have learned how to connect with others at home, work and even within themselves?

• How will they respect others, relate to others, understand others, love themselves, have confidence, love the world around them, take criticism and turn it into productively and make wise decisions?

• What beliefs are going to be in the cement of their core values?  

So many questions.

So little time.

One simple answer.


How Much Of Your 6570 Do You Have Left?

Every day matters when you are talking about their childhood and their future you are building together.









Their lives are most impacted in the first 6570 days they share with you.



The 6570 Family Project

This project is built around the idea that parents are truly the ARCHITECTS of the beginning of their child's life.  Everything we do as adults ultimately comes back to those crucial and formative first 18-20 years in some way and we as parents have the profound opportunity to build a strong foundation that will support them through it all. 

This is the greatest impact and influence time we have in their lives... the first 6570 days or 18 years... and we can also have a great time along the way!

We build with every piece of fun, integrity, joy, ambition, strength, curiosity, boldness, kindness, smarts and respect we have. 

Oh!  and let's have some big belly laughs along the way too because, sometimes, that is the currency of life.


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