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I truly believe that a family filled with creativity, fun, laughter, challenge, adventure, problem-solving, hugs, good food, sound discipline and learning can not only change a person’s life, but can change the world.

I also know that we have a limited time to get this accomplished and an arsenal of distractions and obstacles in the world, which is exactly where I come in and teach you the ONE THING that will tip that first domino and send a cascade of positive impact into your family experiences now, and set you and your children up with leadership that will breed a wildly successful future on your terms! 

I am a family life and leadership coach. I am called to help families by stepping into your story, uncovering your wants, needs and developing a path forward to empower you be the author of that adventure you have always wanted during this precious window.  We do this by building a strong foundation of Self-Led Discipline™ and Leadership for your children that they then take and launch their lives and unique successes from!


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What is on your mind and heart as a parent? What is getting in the way of your child's best self? What do you want to equip your child with before they leave home? Set aside 30minutes for a call that will change everything for your family!


The 6570 Project

This project is built around the idea that parents are truly the ARCHITECTS of the beginning of their child's life.  Everything we do as adults ultimately comes back to those crucial and formative first 18-20 years in some way and we as parents have the profound opportunity to build a strong foundation that will support them through it all. 

This is the greatest impact and influence time we have in their lives... the first 6570 days or 18 years... and we can also have a great time along the way!

We build with every piece of fun, integrity, joy, ambition, strength, curiosity, boldness, kindness, smarts and respect we have. 

Oh!  and let's have some big belly laughs along the way too because, sometimes, that is the currency of life.


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