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A little ditty about me...

I am a happily married wife of 20+ years and we have four truly amazing daughters, all in high school and middle school. 

I love, love, love adventure, laughing, random dancing, singing (although I need loud music accompanying me), learning and teaching.

We live in coastal NC in the USA and we love small town living.  I blame Gilmore Girls, Heart of Dixie and Dawson's Creek for that (which were filmed in the very town I now live in). 

It was a dream come true for a couple of midwest kids to move to NC.  We chose to live our dream.

This was when we also decided, even with absolutely no prior experience, that homeschooling would be the best option for us to try and for seven years we have done just that.  It is truly one of my most treasured gifts, not that every day is roses, but when I look back, there have been so many of my favorite moments in, or because of, the freedoms associated with, homeschool.

I am an avid reader, lover of personal development and always striving to be a better version of myself than I was the day before. 

I am a Christian, a servant in several roles, a podcaster, a family life & leadership coach and a published writer. 

I started The 6570 Family Project because I see the potential of this time you have with your kids when spent with intention. 

The world we live in is complicated and I was not quite ready for it when I left home at 17 and I was hurt and went through many complications because of it.

Today's young women and parents face even more obstacles and the ones that have always been around are exaggerated even more than before.  

Habits, behaviors and beliefs are conditioned while still in a home environment and those set the course for so much in our lives. 

If we can establish positive and strategic thinking, critical problem solving, relationship building, emotional resilience, positive mindset practices and abundant curiosity when they are home and dancing in the kitchen with us then we can change lives and even change the world.  

It really comes down to leading our kids toward confidence, respect and wisdom.  Through the years I have developed the formula that will get you there with your daughter!    

All of my life's work from sciences and behavioral work, wellness, writing, personal development, my own family (past and present) and every adventure and failure has led to being a family life & leadership coach and being able nurture and guide families just like yours because I have been there.  

I truly love what I do for a living and I love connecting with the lives of every family I mentor.

I hope to cross paths with you soon so I can be a better person for being a part of your story.

All for now...

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I am a collector and designer of stories and I would love yours to be my next great adventure!  In the meantime here are great ways to connect!




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Rise to change the world in the way only you can!"

                                                    -Nellie H.