You're Grounded... Again!


Well, the video quality leaves something to be desired (working on fixing it for the future friends) but the content is PRICELESS so be sure to listen and take notes!

Grounding, talks, yelling, spanking, talking, time-out, grounding.... blah blah blah...

Does it just keep happening?

This is a super common rut of repetition among families.  You are not alone.  

The question is WHY do the same infractions keep happening again and again with the same result?  That is enough to drive a person crazy!

The answer is in the consequence.  

What is a consequence?  It is a time to take in what DID happen, see what COULD have happened and where the wrong turn was made and change your ways.

Sorry is an ACTION, not simply a word.

In the video you will see my super special sauce for helping with this exact topic, the A.C.R.R. Sequence, as well as what a real apology looks like.

(hint... it doesn't look like a turned back, eye rolled, "sorry" said on the exhale of a big huffy breath.)

In our home, and with my clients, I HIGHLY encourage people to KISS (Keep It Super Simple) and incorporate simple systems like ACRR in order to grow forward.

Enjoy friends and I will be back next week with another segment of The Front Porch series!


Your friend and family coach, 


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