You are NOT Average and It's A Good Thing!

Uncategorized Nov 12, 2020

In this world it is easy to believe that the average is the way to go, but I ask...

What is Average?

You know what it isn't?

A REAL Person! 

The average of 2 and 6 is 4, right?

But, guess what? 

Neither the 2 or the 6 will ever be a 4.  Never.  There will have to be compromises to 6 and 2 in order to try and be a 4.  

Let your unique you, your unique kids and your unique schooling situation echo you!


To have a successful home-based education experience isn't something that some people have and some don't.  (Don't worry if you feel that way because I know I used to.  I wasn't "patient enough" was my go to )

It is a Skill and like any skill it requires learning, strategies and patience.  

You can have all the material things and all the sparkly gadgets, but without the success essentials it will always end in frustration and a 2 and a 6 trying to be a 4.  

I believe in you and I am in this with you for the long term friends.  As long as you are here I am with you!  

I believe in you and you've got this!!

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