What is Priority Mapping?

and why i need it! Aug 19, 2020

Do you go on a trip cross country, especially a country you have never been to without a map?  No way!  Same goes for a new experience or a new season in life.  

Summer, in it's typical flavor is full of unsanctioned time, less rules, less productivity and more free!  But, just like we can't go through life only in play mode, neither can the kids.  Getting BACK into the swing of a school year is always a challenge and this year...  well let's just say everyone is trying to figure it out and there are still so many uncertainties.  It seems like universities are dropping into the virtual world like flies every day and many think it is just a matter of time before we go 100%.  

But, even if we don't and we get to be in classrooms there is still a change of pace and practice, which is where priority mapping comes in.  It is a way for you to set realistic intensions, caring boundaries and come together to make a plan as a family so everyone works as a team toward one goal.  

This Saturday I will walk you through how to 

- Remove Roadblocks even from a Road you have not Traveled Before

- Set Expectations in a Positive Light

- Create Visibility and Success

We will expand on tools and tactics to ensure that the journey ahead for these 56.6 million kids in school this year is productive and positive. 

Register now for the FREE Priority Mapping for Kids in School Master Class!

We have all been through a lot in 2020 and one more choice, difficulty, challenge can push us to our limits.  Working as PROactively as possible is our best option to set the course and divert some of the challenges before they even arise!

Let's Do it together. Anything is possible when WE come together.

I believe in you and see you Saturday!!


PS- Even if you can't be there live, which I really hope you can because I love a chatty audience, it will be recorded and sent to those that register!  


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