Self Talk to Self Mastery Pt.1


You know what my self talk was after I recorded this video for you?  

The world will not let me have a proper video with house work, garbage trucks, city edgers etc.  

Was that true? 

Of course not.  Just a bad timing happenstance... but it can easily feel like that way unless we put a stop to it with the first of these self-talk questions.

Is This REALLY True?

I was tempted to re-record this video for you, but it would have defeated the whole purpose of everything we are talking about!  You can hear me and I hope you can feel my heart and that is all that counts.  

You will have ~80,000 conversations with people in your lifetime and probably more now since we have social media added to our verbal conversations and not all of them will be exactly movie scripted perfection.  Can you think of a doosey of a talk you have had with someone that didn't go as planned?  Foot in mouth kind of moments?

When you have these convo's it is SO easy to walk away with 10 +lies in your head That define YOU based on how YOU think they perceived you, took something or thought about you.  

Always start HERE! ⬇️

Is This REALLY true right now? 

Not the past or the maybe future, but right now.

My daughter this morning was doing a math quiz and had 4 wrong. She was being really hard on herself and in doing so shutting down to where she would get 2+3 wrong if I asked.  

"I am terrible at math!!!!" she cries.

"Kiddo, deep breaths.  That is not true.  How would you even define terrible?"


"No babe. Terrible would be not learning in the first place.  Not trying. Not caring.  Getting 4 wrong isn't terrible.  Did you do well the last week in your math?"


"Ok.  So, are YOU terrible at it?"


"OK, so try your best and do what you can and we will go from there."

I have 4 daughters so overwhelm and meltdowns are a daily here from someone or another.  That includes my husband and I... but it starts with that question.

Is This REALLY true?

I hope you find one or many spaces to use this for your family this week and do you want to know what the second question is?  Tune in next week and I will let you know.

Always remember... I believe in you.  I believe in you on your best day and even on your worst.  I believe when you and your family come together anything is WePossible!

Go vote this week and be kind my friends!



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