Pt.2- Setting the Foundations on Conversations


Last week we talked about ways YOU know there is a conversation that needs to be had with your child because of your own discomfort, frustration and lack of understanding.  

In this video I go through details of the 5 signs you can get from outside of yourself that a conversation needs to happen!   

1. Quiet

2. Outbursts of frustrations

3. School 

4. Friends and outside voices

5. Your gut

When we set the tone and expectation for conversation and quality questions when they are with us they can better self identify and communicate with others later. 

Think about it... when they know something is happening and the expectation is to find someone to talk about it with, process with, gain insight from so they can come out the other side with a balanced decision or outlook... wouldn't that be a magnificent world? 

We cannot help the 7,819,860,224 living beings on this planet right now, but if we can all dive in and help those around us what a wonderful world this could be. 

Until next time sweet friends!

I believe in you,


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