Pt.1- Setting the Foundation of Conversations

Uncategorized Oct 16, 2020

Connecting with people. 

Feeling Heard.  

Knowing what you think and feel is validated and matters.

These are basic human needs and wants at any age and in today's world when it is easy to get pushed aside, people need to know they have someone in their corner and wouldn't it be amazing if it were your family?  

The basis of every great change is a conversation.  

Every week in the fb group All Things School From Home, we will be doing live videos just for you!

In the video above I go over the signs you can see that tell you when a conversation needs to take place and RIGHT HERE is where you can go and pick up your free resource on the 16 Family Discussion Questions to Ensure a More Positive Schooling From Home Experience no matter how your child is schooling from home.  (And, to be honest, these conversation starters would be amazing for any family to have and grow from).

Take advantage of this amazing freebie and start growing relationships one conversation at a time!  These are the conversation starter secrets that you and your kids are looking for!  Truth, validation, open communication, support, insight, guidance, joy, respect and more.  

Have you ever wished to have more of one of those in your family?  Grab the questions and find the path!

I believe in you and I believe in your family!  You've Got this!



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