A Real Conversation About Parenting Fatigue

Uncategorized Feb 03, 2021
Fatigue is real and parenting fatigue is FOR REAL and it’s ok!
This video shows the top 10 reasons parents slip into fatigue
Which one do you resonate with most?
The Fatigue Pathway:
Source for fatigue
Fatigue Manifests in Life 
Take action steps to find your way back! 
Once we can identify what is making us so fatigued it is much easier to develop a strategy to combat future fatigue.
But, if you do find yourself in fatigue here are some things to be on the lookout for…
5 ways to know you are fatigued?
➡️ Your filter between your raw thoughts and the words that come out of your mouth seems to be out of order.
➡️ Your overly tired
➡️ Your fuse is short
➡️ You have head fog and you can’t think clearly
➡️ Not sleeping
Each one of these can lead you on a path where other problems seem bigger than they are because you are facing them with fatigue and you may not even know it.
You know... that one time that the dog was barking in the backyard and you felt like everything in the world was out to get you. (not speaking from experience or anything 😉)

PS- If you are ready to stop experiencing this fatigue and are ready to find the joy in your parenting and family adventure again, email me ([email protected])  and we can talk and see what we can do together for your family!  


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