Their Opinion Should Matter, but Not Too Much!

Uncategorized Jan 29, 2021
When it comes to opinions our kids are FULL of them, right!?
It is important that they know their opinions matter, their thoughts count and their ideas are worthy... but not so much that they think they are the center of the world.
(Watch the 15 minute full teaching above for all the goods or read the short version if you are next to a sleeping person.😴)
Worth. It always comes down to worth.
I am guessing you, like me, want to build worth into your children.
The old adage of “don’t speak unless you’re spoken to“ leaves a less than desirable cycle that is constantly running and needs to be broken.
Ask questions and listen to their opinions!
“What do you think? “
When they know that they are worth your time thoughts and attention sometimes then they are more apt not to demand it all the time!
Imagine when teaching them how to use their worth today can help tomorrow…
- They will be able to speak up when something is happening that isn’t right
- They will be able to speak up when they have something amazing to contribute.
- They will be able to speak up when they really want some thing and they see their life going in a direction away from it.
But, on the flip-side just because they give you their opinion can’t mean that you will do exactly that every time. In fact rarely will it happen!
What happens if they do get whatever they want every time?
- The real world hits them real hard!
- they will have a little to no friends and no true relationships because they will never learn how to give and take… Compromise.
- they will be lonely, frustrated and will not understand why.
- they will have parenting reliance issues, wellness issues and financial issues.
Saying yes too much today can really hinder their future and never saying yes or listening to their wants, needs, desires and opinions can also really hinder their future!
Here are some action steps to walk the line between these two unwanted results and stay on the path toward exactly what is best for your family now and The future.
1. Ask them questions! Even about the big stuff like politics, faith, relationships, business etc. remember… If they can talk they have an opinion!
2. Listen to their answers. Not just hear them, but listen to them.
3. Be open to their opinion and thank them for it.
4. Share your opinion with them and let them know the differing opinions are OK and good! That is how discussions are had and solutions are created!
Would love to hear how you have tried these things and any funny opinions that your kids have had!
Your friend, 

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