Get It On the Calendar!

or it won't happen Sep 08, 2020

What you do not schedule you do not do.

Do you schedule a manicure or pedicure? Yearly check up? (so fun!) Vacations? Playdates? Lunch with friends?  You get it.

If you didn’t ever PLAN anything it wouldn’t happen.  You HAVE to be intentional.

As I am coming into my busier season with teaching school, serving in youth, running a women’s group, and keeping our family businesses going I have to be very intentional about my time not only for the balls I need to keep in the air, but also for where I need to keep my feet grounded.  

I need to make sure family time, husband time, individual kiddo time and the most important... ALONE time is scheduled!  I am a complete natural introvert so I need that alone time to start my day every day.  It really throws me, and then everyone else off if I do not get it.  

I have done every scheduling tool under the sun from digital to manual. But, it wasn’t until I had a planner that really breaks down everything into 15 minute chunks, and a few great people getting into my ear saying that to be successful in my life, home, relationships, businesses and dreams I HAVE to plan out the day and then live out the day!  

That does NOT mean I am doing something new every 15 minutes.  I would die.  It does mean though that I am making sure to set appropriate times for each activity and if it isn't I change it next time.  My morning routine, for example, is 3 hours long.  Yes.  3 hours and no...  I do not get up at insane hours.  I will share it all with you sometime.  

I plan because I know living my life in reaction mode will quickly go nowhere.  So, just in case you needed to hear that today I wanted to deliver.  

You want something?  Plan for that something.  If it is worth it to you, you will do it.

I happen to love this planner from HollisCo. called the priority planner.  The High Performance Planner from Brendon Burchard is also a great one if you wanted to compare. 

How can you tell if a method is working for you? You know it works when you are slaying each day and go to bed feeling like you crushed it.  It means you don't feel behind all the time.  You plan the week out and know your time limits and only fill what is possible and get it done.  It is easy to slip into "I can't do it all" when it is all a crumpled mess, or a hazy storm cloud in your head.  

Find what YOU like and works for you then use it consistently!  Virtual. Manual. A dry erase marker on your mirror.  Whatever works.  Seek it and use it and watch the rest play out!

I believe in you.  I believe in your dreams.  You’ve got this.



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