I am doing a leadership bible study and this was something that came up on Day 1 and it was a great reminder.


In all of our lives we have KPI’s (key performance indicators) of success from childhood to adulthood.  Did you learn “on time”? Did you get a good grade? Did you get into the “right” college or do the “right” thing after high school? Did you even finish high school? Then it goes on into relationships, marriage, business and jobs, retirement funds and bluh…. 


All of those “adulting” things.


All of those things are RESULTS of hundreds or thousands of choices that landed you there, but the true success does not lie in those things, but in the people you empower in your life along the way!


In a conference I attended in April (virtual of course) there was an expert storyteller there that really talked about the 4 main players in a story.  The villain, the victim, the hero and the guide.  He talked about how the goal of the victim and the hero is to eventually become the guide.  The villains are just the bullies of life and they come in all different forms.


To be a guide means to go through an experience and after you crawl, climb and claw your way back enough (not all the way because you can never fully be who you were before an experience) you can turn around and tell those behind you how you did it and they can take those pieces and have a less hard time than you did.  They have someone to relate to, commiserate the hard with and celebrate the small wins along the way with that add up to THE big win.


Could you imagine a world where you had no one to teach anything?  Or teach you anything?  We were never meant to live on an island by ourselves.  There are approx. 7.8 billion people on this planet.  Life is a social experience to be lived with others and if you are just lucky enough you will be empowered by someone, but no matter what, we can all choose to empower others.  That is 100% in our control. Empower.


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