Dream. Plan. Pivot

from there to here Aug 02, 2020

Funny how “planned” life roads never take you where you think they will, isn’t it? 

I sometimes look back on those 5 year plans, 10 year plans or life plans and have a good chuckle.  I remember before college I had a whole plan to be riding the high seas doing whale research around the world, meet a husband and get married around 30-32, settle down with 2 kids near a research center and continue with my work. 

“Oh honey”…  I would say.  “Great plan, but it won’t happen that way.  It will be so much better and bigger than you can even imagine.  But, keep dreaming because it is the dreaming, the ambition, the planning and the pivoting and growing that are your biggest gifts.”

I did do some research around the globe on humpbacks and that will forever be some of my most precious memories.  I did work with marine mammals as a career for a couple of years and still volunteer to help them today, but those are the only nuggets out of that dream that came to fruition.  I actually met my future husband just a few short months after writing out that plan and we were married at 22 years old and started building our family with 4 children 4 years later.  I have had several areas of work that have grown me in a million directions as a person and I am thankful for each challenge, fall and rise. 

Funny enough, I started playing with developing “official” courses a while back and then, thinking of it, realized I had been developing courses for much longer and just not labeling it as such.  The first time I cracked my thick introverted shell, because the cause was bigger than my fear, was when we almost lost our daughter to a pool accident in 2010 and I started doing water safety education for families.

Then I started blogging in my first family site, Consolidated Chaos, when my girls were young and a magazine asked me to be a regular contributor and I started publishing my work on a variety of topics.  Then when I started my family wellness practice I have conducted hundreds of in person and online courses and have been a speaker for schooling from home options in our county for the last few years while educating families on eco friendly practices.

Writing it out, it seems pretty ridiculous that it took me so long to birth WePossible Family Learning to consolidate the seeming chaos of these disorganized patches of my life!  Ha!  Hindsight, right?

But, when I started this process, home education was not going to be my first course.   It was family entrepreneurship! (Don’t worry, it is in the works!)  But, the more and more daily messages I was getting asking for help in the school arena, and a beautiful friend nudging me along, made me realize that THIS was the #1 need right now. 

So, once again.  A dream, a plan, a pivot that led to something amazing. 

Dream BIG friends.  SO BIG that it hurts.  SO BIG that the challenges that come along will be expected and accepted.  Keep your eyes on always growing and you will get there even if the “there” is different than originally planned.

I believe in you. I believe in your dreams. I believe anything is WePossible.



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