From ABC's to Diplomas

Two questions...

1. Do you leave everything in your child’s future up to the OTHER people in their life? (ie. the 2nd grade teacher, soccer coaches, friends, friends parents, high school geometry teachers etc.)

2. Are you merely there for the food, water and shelter requirements of parenting?

My guess is that the answer to both of these is ...No!


Because they are your kids and if you are reading this you have a heart to be there for them and with them.  You want to love the time you have with them and help them become amazing adult humans too!

The secret...YOU are their ultimate teacher. 


Yep, it's true! 

It all starts with you and ends with you every day for these 6570 days (give or take).

Sure, they will have other teachers through their life, in school, sports, clubs, church, friends, work etc., but you are their first teacher, tutor, science fair partner, quiz partner and life teacher.

We are ALL architects through action (good, bad, absentee, active etc.)... building the beginning of our child's life.

As a family success architect it is important to you to build an amazing family experience that supports your child when they are with you and equips them with the life skills to go and create their own story as their best self. 



Education is only one of the 12 pillars of a Family Success Architect, but it is an important one and I think we can all agree that we want our kids to be educated, right?

There are 5 things that are learned from home that are BIG TIME contributors to their educational journey.

The trick is...

   these 5 ALWAYS happen whether you know it or not.  Want to or not.  Mean to or not.


Caide is: 

Curiosity- the wonder and dreaming outside of the quick and easy google searchable world.

Ambition- The initial energy and start of a plan

Initiation- The first action toward doing something

Determination- Keep doing something even when it is hard


Excitement- The high you get when you have learned and conquered something!  Now you know it and can teach it, use it, learn the next thing. 

They will not learn the calculus, practice the instrument, take on the physics and biology or write the paper without these skills and they get these from home, from YOU!… 




This is not easy for anyone and doesn’t come even naturally at all to some. 

In today’s world it is SO easy to avoid and just do the things we have to do and not focus on these 5 foundational aspects of education.

But, I know you, and I know you do not want to leave any effort, love and caring on the table in this most important of our projects, raising your kids.

OK guys… remember YOU are their greatest teacher here on earth.  

Enjoy it. Cringe through it.  Rise up when it knocks you down and smile when it brings you joy.

This mission was literally only given to you!

Your friend and family coach, 


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