A Silly Name and a Grand Mission

Fun, Smiles, Adventure, Serving, Protecting, Discovering, Teaching, Kindness… 

These are rocks I adhere to in my life like a barnacle to its chosen landing spot.  I am so fortunate to have developed a life around these principles with my husband Brian and our four courageous daughters Skyla, Trinity, Lana and Journey.  You will get to know everyone as we grow together, but this is, after all, a place of family learning so that is where we will begin. 

Brief History of Time, Harden Edition….  Brian, an Indiana boy, and I, a Michigan girl, have been together since we were 18 and 19-year-old freshman in college at Indiana University.  So, to say we have grown our lives together is no joke.  I have been with this man over half my life and better for it.  We have our four daughters and four furry family members that have all found their way to us in convoluted and miracle ways.  This family of 6 humans and 4 unhumans live in a small NC coastal town and we love to work hard and play hard every single day.  The three words in our home that are found with equal parts exhilaration and hesitancy are “I have an idea!” and who says them seems to be on an unestablished rotating system.   

We own and operate, as just our family, a handful of small businesses that always, always, always start the same.  We have a problem, we dive in hardcore and figure out how to solve the problem and then think other people probably have the same problem and we can help out!  My career as a family wellness coach started with my husbands 4 years of combating a heart condition we didn’t see coming and our road to establish wellness.  Our conservation company started when we wanted to make less of a footprint for the 6 of us with single use plastics.  This family learning platform came from decades of hard work solving the next problem and the next and the next.  I am not naïve enough to think we don’t have a thousand more challenges coming our way.  I know we do.  But, we have established foundations in home education, eco family practices, family entrepreneurship and family wellness that will carry us in many of those trials.   

That is when it occurred to me (in the middle of quarantine from this unprecedentedly weird year of 2020).  We make things possible and make things happen ONLY because we work together.  We all have our strengths (and weaknesses) and even though Brian and I are the head of this pack, we see, appreciate, rise up and utilize the strengths of us all in order to accomplish what we do as a family.   

This petri dish social experiment side of quarantine has turned so many “norms” on their backs.  Families are looking for different solutions, exploring ideas they hadn’t before, facing challenges they never saw coming, learning things they didn’t even think about before and wellness as a whole has shoved its way to the front of the acknowledgement line.  New thinking and practices IS the new normal. 

I truly believe that this world can be a better place all around if the tide rises.  That tide is the FAMILY.  When families rise individuals rise, ideas rise, ingenuity rises, trust rises, kindness rises, peace rises, creativity, acceptance, courage, faith, love.   


When a home can have discussions and productive disagreements and walk away with solutions, compassion and intact appreciation, battles and wars are diverted.   


When a home can sit down with a challenge and figure it out using the skills and ideas of everyone with a voice, diplomacy, future ideas and brilliance are planted. 


When a family can be better for others and for the world together that infuses team work and the idea to rise up and stand for something bigger than just yourself. 


That is WePossible.  Not Impossible or I’mPossible… but WE.  This world was never created for one person.  It was created for all of us.  It was created for union and community.  It was created for my family and your family and myself and yourself.   


WePossible was not born from nothing.  Hundreds of decisions and ideas, twists and turns, setbacks and launches were its precursor.  Looking back, there is nothing else that this seemingly unconnected and crazy road could have possibly led to.   

I believe in you.  I believe in us. I believe that anything is WePossible. 


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