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40 Scriptures & Conversations to Have When Raising Daughters [eBook]

Raising daughters in a world that feels like it is out to get her is hard.  I am raising 4 of my own and I see it daily.  How can you equip her with the inside-out flow of worth, esteem and confidence [rooted in the understanding of her faith] in order that she can become a leader of her own life?

This ebook walks you through 40 scriptures and conversation platforms with vital messages to truly start building this essential WEC [worth, esteem and confidence] foundation.  The bible will come to life as your daughter's own understanding is unfolded with new born clarity.   

You are loving and leading her to a place where she loves and leads herself in these years and in these scripture verses you will find the seeds of lessons you and she can grow on over and over again through these years.

 What you'll get with your ebook:

  • A guide on distinct ways you can use these 40 scriptures & Conversations from small groups, to journaling, weekly one on one time, create your own and more!
  • 40 hand picked scriptures that apply directly to building your daughter's worth, esteem and confidence today, explanations to bring the words to life in her world and conservation platforms to build, connect and grow through discussion and application in her life.
  • Space to write and take notes of your conversations, ideas, stories and take aways in your time together.  (This creates a beautiful keepsake as she grows)! 
  • Two extended cut videos about
    • "The Top 5 Ways The Bible Can Help You Raise Daughters" and
    • "5 Reasons WHY The Bible Is Essential In Teaching Your Daughters [even if she is not a Christian]" 

This is perfect for any daughter or parent, grandparent, family member, leader, teacher, coach or friend that is a part of raising young women today!



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