Complicated issues often have the most simple solutions. 

Parenting teen and tween daughters today can feel like you are on a ninja warrior journey full of all the ups, downs, gut punches and occasional triumphs.

But, WHAT IF the cold shoulders, power struggles, conversation road blocks, deception and all the things that make you both sigh and cry can be put aside for a much simpler solution?

In this overly complicated world it is so easy (for you and your daughter) to get swept away in the storms. 

There are many, but the two most grabby storms are:

• The "everything is hard" storm full of control, power shifts, anxiety, unknowns, lying and lack of real connection and communication. 

• The "everything is fine" storm filled with sweeping things under rugs, avoidance, being taken advantage of and over giving while under receiving... and still no real connection and communication. 

GOOD NEWS!  You don't have to be in a storm.  There are 5 needs essential to the prosperity of every human and during the tween and teen years these, like so many other things, are amplified. 

All 5 are essential and the good news is YOU have the capability, right now, to provide all of them and teach them how to find healthy ways to seek them in other areas of her life.

It all comes down to one of her biggest challenges in this era of life... knowing her worth.


Learn how to harness these SIMPLE and POWERFUL 5 Needs and watch the transformation unfold.