Hello friends!, 

Well, what is there to know about me?  First, I am not a person that likes talking about themselves, so this is a challenge out of the gate! Ha!

But, I am a happily married wife of nearly 20 years and we have four daughters who range from high school to elementary school.  I love, love, love adventure, laughing, random dancing, learning, teaching and running businesses that help the world and all the people and creatures in it.

We live in coastal NC and love small town living.  It was a dream come true for this midwestern raised couple and, since moving here, I have continued with my family wellness practice, helping as many families as possible find better health through tools and lifestyle change.  We have also started an eco-friendly family run company aimed to reduce single use plastics and clean our world of waste.  This is a beautiful way to keep serving my love and previous career as a marine mammalogist.

We also decided, even with absolutely no prior experience, that schooling from the home would be the best option for us for so many reasons and we have done that for over five years.  This is truly one of my most treasured gifts, not that every day is roses, but when I look back, there have been so many awesome moments.

I am an avid reader, lover of personal development and always striving to be a better version of myself than yesterday.  I am a Christian, a servant in several roles, a writer of the small (and maybe the big someday), a supporter of women around the world and a traveler.  Sometimes we even write and perform weddings for friends and love house projects and building all sorts of things!

I started WePossible Family Learning because I see the possibilities of this world and how imperative The Family is to all of its successes.  Habits, behaviors, and beliefs are conditioned while still in a home environment and those set the course for so much in our lives.  If we can establish positive and strategic thinking, critical problem solving, relationship building, emotional resilience, positive mindset practices and abundant curiosity when they are home we can change lives and change the world.

I hope to cross paths with you someday so I can be a better person for knowing you.

All for now...