Finding ways to contribute to the world as an individual and family is kind of an addiction of ours.  I believe in the power of ideas and positive minds.

When humans come together anything is possible!

Here are some other initiatives and projects you may be interested in!

The Sea Glass Company

This is a family company dedicated to reducing single use plastic waste in the world.  We custom etch glass bottles and handmade glass straws for individuals, companies, events and anyone looking to reduce waste!  This company is our love letter to our beautiful world. 

Family Wellness

It is so hard to navigate the wellness world today with so much being said by so many.  This is a place that you can count on to deliver the real stuff.  Myself and a team of amazing family wellness coaches from around the country have teamed together to give hope, laughs, fun, education, tools and opportunities for better wellness to each and every person and family looking for better solutions. 

R.A.W. is a unique community where Real Authentic Women gather, share, listen, laugh and grow through our experiences to become more of our true selves without all the hats we have to wear in our lives.  

Because I think it is important for every family to experience a great RV adventure we wanted to make sure it was available to others and have a beautiful RV to rent.  There is nothing quite like a family road trip!  

"Rise to change the world in the way only you can!"

-Nellie H.