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What Is This Workshop?

This 90min, self-paced, workshop is designed specifically for the parents of young women today (~ages 9-18 years old) and the challenges they face in their inner and outer worlds and how to find success through the obstacles.

As a result of attending this workshop you are going to learn how to lead your daughter toward a more grounded self-esteem that she can own and grow from, instead of one borrowed from

- the facade of social media

- the false definitions of a popularity spectrum

- the fictional validity of being buried under tasks in the hustle culture

- the distractions and temptations of the outside world.

I will help you help her grow a self-esteem from WITHIN!

In This Parenting Workshop You Will...

1. Walk away understanding the thought process of your daughter more than ever before!

2. Have a solid framework you can implement immediately to ground them in REAL self-esteem!

3. Have clarity over why decisions were made in the past and how you can help them make better decisions going forward!

4. Have the tools to guide your daughter toward more joy than she has experienced ever before!

"This work brought stability and joy back into our home!" - Amanda S.

"This has been instrumental in helping me find a rhythm and balance with my daughter" - Lauren A.

Hey There!  I'm Nellie.

I am a wife, business owner, volunteer and mom to FOUR, growing tween and teen daughters!  

And you know what?  I LOVE it and, bonus, they still like me too... most of the time! 

It isn't easy. In fact, some moments I want to just beat something, cry or hide.  Sound familiar? 

BUT, it is worth it to see the breakthroughs, the smiles, the laughter and the growth (in both of us) into who we are becoming.

We thought childhood was hard when we were kids, right?  Well.. now it is tougher and more confusing than ever.  

Their self-esteem is being bombarded 24/7 and they do not have the internal defenses to fight back, regulate and stabilize before the next hit comes.

I can't wait to get to know you and teach you this material that will be GOLD in your parenting journey of helping them get up and face the world from the inside out.  It is possibly the best gift you could ever give yourself and your daughter. 

See you in the workshop!


This Challenge is Exactly What You Have Been Waiting For!