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Time is everything in life and family.  VIP days use 3 hours of call time and 6 hours of service to provide you with:

- 2 hours of clarity coaching and digging deep with Nellie

- 30 minutes of mindset work so you can actually activate your plans

- 6 month family intention plan for you around your goals + life forecast. 

- 6 month family implementation plan for you to execute over the 6 months to bring in accomplishments and goals you are looking for. 

- Lastly, we create achievable, measurable family goals and projections to keep you clear and motivated even beyond the 6 month time frame

- 30 minutes of delivering materials and setting you up for success!

- 5 days of voxer support after the day for questions and implementation support.


Why a VIP Day?

If you are ready to move through your family parenthood/childhood 6570 with more clarity, connection, peace and confidence without the stress or mess of power struggles, walls and anxiety... This is for your family.



Having the space in your calendar for a coach can be demanding of your time in addition to the investment. Let's be real - some seasons of family life don't leave room for that. VIP Days allow you to have guidance, support and direction with same day opportunity to start implementing!

It's a dream, truly.


The Kind of Results You Can Expect

Finally feel balanced in your family and life

Finally feel confident in the direction you are each headed

Finally feel empowered in your family relationships

Finally feel like you can take that long awaited deep breath


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