Skip the drama and power struggles and set the stage for amazing success in your kids through building a foundation of Self-Led Discipline™ and Leadership in the one place they can always come back to, your family.

Remove the tensions, strengthen the connections and communication dynamics, discover the tools that will help you in big life ways and little every day ways and apply it all to your own daily routine using my custom Family Leadership Academy™! 

Experience what your family is capable of when you are living at your best. 

Have you heard, "The days are long and the years are short"?

The biggest window of impact you have for your children does not last forever.  

In fact, it is only 6570 days.

That is 6570 days to find clarity on how to show up for your kids in the way they need you.

6570 days to learn how to communicate with your kids in a way they will actually listen.

6570 days to master time so you can be an active participant in their life and not an overwhelmed and passive observer.

6570 days to discipline your kids in a way that they learn how to discipline themselves and become Self-Led Leaders!

And, 6570 days to create some of the best memories of all of your lives and build a foundation they can launch the next chapters of their life from.

The Family Leadership Academy™ is a once in a parenthood experience designed to unlock the greatness of your child as you move from parent-led discipline to Self-Led Leadership™ so that you can leave regret, frustration and wasted time behind and fully embrace every moment in joy, peace, success and growth.

These first 18 years will inevitably impact the rest of their life and yours.  There is no doubt about that.

Build in them the ONE THING that will lay the groundwork for everything they will ever want to accomplish with this program created with you in mind.  


Nellie's program gave me the tools, systems and structure to help bring some peace into my home and calm down some of the chaos. Nellie is passionate about what she does, her delivery is engaging and the support PDF’s that goes along the program are extremely helpful.


Do you ever think...

• My kid is just NOT listening to me!

• I don't want to just yell at them all day... including yelling at them for yelling!

• I know they are capable of more than they are doing.

• Things are so good right now, how do I keep this connection?

• Time is going too fast!

• I want connection, not just being in the same room.

• How do I break through these walls?

• I want to help them find their path forward, but I have no idea where to start.

• Am I doing the right thing?

• How can I help them make the right decisions when I am not there?

I can help you!


Take you and your child from power struggle to power team. You will find your place in the Discipline Spectrum™ and map out the course to building Self-Led Discipline™ and Leadership in your home to serve you now and in the future.

You will discover the Inevitable Impacts™ that happen along the childhood/parenthood journey (and what to do with them) and walk through the Mindset Cycle™ so you can anticipate the behaviors that are coming before they even begin! Last, but not least, you will open The Core Bank™ and begin to design the scope your child and family view life through.


All of this works together to create effective and productive discipline!


Easily and dramatically improve communication and interactions by increasing delivery and understanding of words and actions. With Learning-Based Communication™ you will finally speak the language they understand and visa versa while they become master communicators.

The Time Wheelwill help you stop spinning on overwhelm with things that do not matter so you can actually be present in the moments that do and teach your child to do the same, including how to set intentions to make the time count exponentially!. 

 The Family Toolbox™ will introduced the physical and mental tools that will easily and quickly catapult your connection and communication forward.


All of this works together to create effective and productive communication!




Here, all of the skills and practices from steps I & 2 are uniquely combined into The Family Dashboard™  to bring all of this to life and create the progressive and permanent change you want to see! 

You will take the biggest elements of life that echo from childhood into adulthood and intentionally plan them now for success later! 

Wonder, curiosity, ambition, relationships, wisdom and understanding in the online world, money mindset, work ethic, mind and body wellness, joy, stress management, gratitude and more are all deep rooted in the bed of our childhood and when we can design those we can effectively build the success foundation of their lives.


All of this works together to create effective and productive life and future!




Your parenthood, their childhood, these 6570 days...

Time will pass by no matter what. 

Why not build something amazing?

What if you didn't have to rely on your fluctuating patience anymore?

What if your kids started to discipline themselves instead of you having to play bad cop all of the time?

What if you could go to bed at night logging the awesome moments instead of the moments you would have changed?

What if you had all the time to do what really mattered and you filled it every day?

What if you could talk to your child in a way they completely understood and they knew you were there for them?

What if, at the end of your 6570 window, you had no regrets and you were just excited for the world to be able to really meet this amazing human you raised AND you knew they were ready for it because Self-Led Discipline and Leadership were part of the concrete of their core beliefs embedded during these formative years?

How would you Feel?

Together, we will open the front door to all you have built, ensure you know exactly what your next steps are and how to keep growth momentum going, so that you will always have the confidence, understanding and power to stay in alignment and write your one of a kind, multi-generational, family success story.


This work is important to me because of all of my experiences, from personal to family, friends to career, and it always comes back to the decisions I have made to lead myself toward my goals. 

The true compass to what is going to happen in life and how you will become the best version of yourself is to become a self-led person and that starts in these precious first 18 years.

It all starts with the family.  That is where the core beliefs, behavior patterns, ideas, reflexes, mindset and more all come into being.

And remember... It is also not just about the child, but about the parents as well.  This is 18 years of your life too!  

When I can help a family I can help everything that stems from it.

The results just keep echoing and pivoting families for generations.  

It is one thing to day dream about how you would like things to be and another to actually go out and make it happen.  Start building today!  

Lead the Leaders.  If you don't, who will?

This impact window does not last forever.

How many days do you have left?

Are you curious what this could mean for your family?

I'd love to invite you to explore possibilities using the button below to see how we can work together for your family.

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