Everything You Need to Get Your Family on Track!

Staying in the consequence zone is exhausting and no one feels understood, appreciated or respected.  The Discipline Hacker Collection is your ticket to either stay on track and avoid the common pitfalls of parenthood or get back on track if you have been derailed. 

Yes! This is EXACTLY What I Need!

What Can This Do For Me?

With the Discipline Hacker™ Collection you can finally nail down the difference between consequence discipline and growth discipline.  You can see where your family is being held back, when to use each discipline method to be most effective in parenting (and sanity) and how to begin your discipline succession plan so that your child is in a position of self-disciplined leadership before they even leave home! 

It is a journey to get there and it starts now!

The Discipline Hacker Guide!

This guide comes complete with Try This, Not That and "5 Easy Ways to Break the Discipline Cycle and Foster Listening, Motivation & Respect!"

 You will be able to clearly identify, understand and implement growth discipline with an intentional outcome with this one of a kind guide!

The Masterclass Every Parent Needs Today!

The highly downloaded, "How to Teach Your Child to Discipline Themselves So You Don't Have To" Family Masterclass that will improve the tune and attitude of your home immediately!  (or keep you from letting it slip)

You will...

1. Learn the #1 mistake I see parents making today when it comes to motivating their child and getting them to "understand" needs outside of their own.

2. Rebuild respect with your teen and get them to listen to you, even if you feel cut out of their lives right now.

3. Check out my unique method for keeping your child safe and out of trouble by equipping them to make good decisions (especially when you are not around)!

One of the Most Vital Ingredients to Self-Disciplined Leadership... Resilience!

Listen in on this BONUS teaching so you can Build Unshakable Resilience In Your Child Even During Uncertain Times!


1. The 7 pillars of resilience and how to put them into action immediately!

2. How to find peace in the chaos no matter if it is in yourself, your home or the outside world.

3. The trick to disciplining disappointment so that there is always a clear path forward!

All of This is Only $47!

I Know!!!  It's crazy, but there is a need in the world right now.  A call for leaders and the family is the best place for those leaders to stand up, show up and be built! 

We need parents leading their kids to become the leaders of themselves so they can go out into the world not only equipped with their greatness, but ready and able to mold that greatness into their successes!

Will they lead a family, a business, a team, a non-profit, a cause, a mission, a faith, or even just themselves?

No matter the question, the answer is YES! 

They can not get anywhere without Self-Disciplined Leadership™.

You are the perfect person to get them there and these are the tools to get started! 

Let's Go!!