The 6570 is a Unique and Once in a Lifetime Experience that You Don't Want to Look Back on and say "I Wish!"

The 6570 Family Challenge is designed to give you a transformative experience in just 70 days that most families search for in their entire parenthood and childhood experience!

This challenge will launch a thousand conversations, more connection than you have felt in a very long time and open your eyes and heart to the clarity of where you are going as individuals and a family.  You will understand more than ever how this story is YOURS to write!

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How to Get Back in Control of Your Family Story in Only

70 Days!

These 6570 days, or first 18 years of our child's life is the foundation they will live from for the rest of their days and it is your family experience.  Every encounter you have in the future will be rooted in what happens during these 6570 days.

It also happens to be the busiest, maybe even the most stressful and certainly the most complicated time in many parents lives.  Time actually feels like it is at a stand still and running away from you at the same time.

You can start feeling like you don't know your children anymore or they do not understand you.  There is a technology canyon in between you and you are not sure how to get across and connect.

All of a sudden it can feel like your family is a bunch of people living in the same house existing with one another, but not connecting ( at least as much as you would like).

That is why it takes big doses of intention, designing and planning to actually do what you want to do and have you and your children come out of this unique and once in a lifetime experience with what you actually wanted and needed from it!

You will need a clear plan.

You will need accountability.

You will need to be willing to learn and try new things.

Leaders are people who step up, make a plan, go through with it and celebrate the accomplishment on the other side.

Leaders are not born.

Leaders are built and you, as the family architect, are building the unique leader your child can be in their lives right now.

Will they lead a family, a company, a non-profit, protecting their country, themselves, their future children, their faith, their job, their finances, their mental health, their life...?  

2 Things Are ABSOLUTE:

1. Whatever they do they will need self-disciplined leadership™.

2. That kind of leadership is built in the 6570.

This means you are their guide to get there and this challenge is the best step one!

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What is the 6570 Family Challenge? 

The 6570 Family Challenge is your family GPS getting back on track, (or making sure it never gets off).

You know when you missed a stop and the spinning wheel says "re-calculating"?  This is that.

You will have a sense of direction again.

Be able to take a deep breath again.

Be able to understand what is happening with less worry, frustration, confusion and feeling lost.

You will rediscover and fortify your

Confidence as a parent

Confidence in yourself

Peace of Mind


Strength in your family

Your write your family story.  

You can not control what happens in the world (I think we all know that), but you absolutely can control how you see it and what you do with it and how you show up for and teach your kids.

This challenge, if done to completion, will forever change your family for the better!

• You will understand what unplugging feels like again and re-establish those human connection bonds with those who matter most.

• You will re-aquant yourself with your body and its amazing abilities to support you and take care of you.

• You will discover new things, challenge your minds and find great discussion topics outside of school and weather.

• You will find the gratitude hidden in the crevices of the day.

• You will build memories and stories to be shared for years to come.

• You will explore and try new things together to build that shared experience vault.

• You will make one another a priority in your lives.

• You will celebrate your family with an adventure and impact all the days to come!

OK! We're IN!

How Much Does the 6570 Family Challenge Cost?



Why would you have this challenge for free Nellie?

Because... every family deserves to live out their best experience and the best hope we have for our future rests in your living room right now.

If we can take a step forward and be intentional about building the inner leaders of our kids now, when their lives are being shaped and giving them solid foundations to stand on, launch from and lean on, THEN I know that the future of your family and our world will be in a better place! 

But, you have to follow the instructions every day.  It is the disciplines that you are establishing that will help those leaders in your family be uncovered and start to shine.

I Want This For My Family!
Let's Do It!!